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How to transfer files from Android device to computer

The Android file transfer is for Mac users only, but you own a Windows OS computer, so how you can transfer files from your Android phone to a Windows PC? Maybe you have searched this problem on Google for many times, but the result are not working well. Although there are few of tools can transfer a single file to your PC, that is NOT we want.

We are always looking for  a simple way to get the files stored on phone to computer. Here you can download the best Android File Transfer for Windows below, with it, you can transfer files between your Android device and computer with just few click.

download win version

If you are a Mac user, and found the Android File Transfer (Mac) is suck, you can download the Android File Transfer (Mac) alternative here

Install the software on your computer and launch it. Connect your mobile phone to the computer via USB cable. Once your device detected, you will see you phone’s picture on the main window.

 Below is the video show you how to use it step-by-step:

Other feature you may interested:

Sending SMS from your computer

To send a text message, simply click on SMS in the left column, next, click New and type away in the text field with your keyboard. When you receive a reply, you will get the alert of new message. 

How to manage phone’s SD Card 

On the main interface, click “Files” >> “SD Card” to explore SD Card contents and manage Video, eBooks, music and so forth. 

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