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Apple second generation Apple Watch has been in research and development

Quanta electronics recently chairman Barry lam said, at present the Appl second generation of Apple Watch has been in development. And quanta electronics is Apple’s long-term partners, has been made for Apple including Apple Watch and many other products. So from the forests of thyme news accuracy is quite high.

Apple Watch 2

According to the executive said, the second generation Apple Watch will be in the second quarter of 2016 at the end of the shipment, which with the anticipation before the outside world have almost the same point in time. If Apple will host a conference again in the spring of next year, so during this time Apple will be officially released this new generation of Apple Watch. In addition, Barry lam said, listed on the first Apple Watch 2 quantity will be small, and if the market performance is good, Apple will start mass production on a large scale in the third quarter, and gradually to speed up the production schedule.

So far, the accuracy of the news is quite high, so we should be able to be in the second quarter of next year for Apple Watch 2 ready.

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