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Apple’s OS X 10.11.1 Office problems

At the beginning of the OS X El Capitan in stores, there are a lot of users to reflect the new system and the Microsoft Office suite is not compatible, the specific performance is in the process of using Word or Outlook will appear many times the software breakdown phenomenon. Subsequently, the apple by upgrading OS X 10.11.1 solved the problem of the collapse, but now the new problem come out again. Some users said they through the “allow” or “always allow” to activate the Office always fail.

Apple’s OS X El Capitan in original version – that is, among 10.11.0 joined a named “the System Integrity Protection,” the security function. In the subsequent 10.11.1 upgrade, apple in order to further improve the system security and access to key string to make the changes to the application. It is understood that it was this change, let met Office users activate failure phenomenon. Because in the previous version of El Capitan, this phenomenon does not exist.

In fact, Office activation failure is only users in OS X 10.11.1 encounter one of the many problems. So far, apple technical support on the BBS and about the Time Machine backup battery connection problems, affect the remote access keys, the collapse of the Safari response or is not problem, and so on. OS X 10.11.1 although solved some problems in the middle of the 10.11.0, but new problems will still allow the user to have a headache.

Apple’s OS X 10.11.1 upgrade the official update log is as follows:
– update to improve the reliability of the installer when OS X El Capitan
– strengthen the compatibility with Microsoft Office 2016
– repair information is lost in the mail server problem
– repair information and mail display problem in the email
– repair effect some audio device plugins work problems
– increases the reliability of the VoiceOver
– adds more than 150 new expressions, fully support Unicode 7.0 and 8.0

Apple OS X at the end of October begin 10.11.2 test, early this month in its testing phase has been to the fifth Beta, developers said 10.11.2 will give priority to with repair loopholes and improve system stability and compatibility.

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