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Asus ZenBook a upgrade edition UX306

Of asus ZenBook UX305 is a star of super market, and now the asus introduced upgraded UX306 again, whether the original beyond 305 again?

The UX306 the biggest change is to increase the USB Type – C interface and backlit keyboard, also improve on the configuration. Including carrying the Intel core i5-6200 – u or i7-6500 processor and 16 gb of memory, this to promote UX306 graphics processing ability has a lot of help.

UX306 also equipped with a 1920 x 1080 or 1080 x 1800 resolution of 13.3 -inch screen and 256 gb / 512 gb solid state drives, UX306 also improved the effect of a speaker at the same time, this in the last generation of UX305 for many users.

In terms of appearance, UX306 compared with UX305 basically close to the fuselage specifications for 324 * 226 * 13.9 mm, weight is 1.19 kg, not too big change. In addition on the connectivity, UX306 support ac wi-fi, bluetooth and USB 802.11 Type – C interface, and promised to provide 12 hours of battery life, and also carry the asus cooling technology, can prevent the overheating of the fuselage.

The asus did not publish UX306 specific time to market and price.

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