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Atheer augmented reality glasses: high-end business market

In the case of virtual reality is about to enter the consumer market, augmented reality equipment with a focus on another market: business areas. In addition to the Microsoft HoloLens, Atheer a similar products developed recently, will officially shipping in the first quarter of 2016, prices temporarily undetermined, but is expected to need at least 3000 dollars.

Built-in hardware, Atheer glasses 720 p / 60 FPS translucent display, built-in two 4 million pixels, and equipped with 9 axis inertial measurement unit (such as the accelerometer and gyroscope, magnetometer, etc.). At the same time, Nvidia prototypes K1 as its processor provides powerful computation ability, and have a 2 gb RAM 128 gb + ROM storage configuration, as well as the 3100 mah battery. Connection, bluetooth, wi-fi 4.1 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, USB – C, HDMI output, and optional GPS module.

Software, Atheer augmented reality glasses based on the Android development, compatible with more than 1 million Android applications, and provide precise gestures, voice command, mixing, 2D and 3D image optimization, and through the SDK etc, software developers can make full use of its built-in sensors and interactive module, to develop proprietary applications.

Atheer positioning business market, this also is one of the reasons it is expensive. Its target groups including special maintenance industry, assembly line production, the medical industry, industry measurement and so on, these industries need augmented reality more clearly, instead of a virtual reality. As to compared with the advantage of Microsoft HoloLens, now is the time to market, mainly HoloLens, after all, is still in the developer version of the stage, and Atheer will soon be put into the market. Google, of course, the failure of the glasses is here.the Atheer need better marketing plan, make enterprises interested in this kind of expensive products.

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