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Microsoft or 6 inches tablet phone

The company flagship Windows mobile end 950 and the 950 XL has just been released in November last year, even Win 10 official version of push not long now, GeekBench the information in the database and gave us a small surprise: Microsoft may be a carry on R&D Snapdgon 820 chip Win 10 flat phone. […]

Wondershare Tidy My Music Rating

If you’re like me and fancy yourself being a closet DJ, then having actually a well organized iTunes library is a must. I like my music, but with a library of over 4000 songs, I struggle to keep things nice and neat until now– with the help of TidyMyMusic. What is it? Wondershare TidyMyMusic is […]

Q3 smartphone market report

Digitimes Research published in the third quarter of the smartphone market report. Samsung and Apple still dominates the global smartphone two biggest piece of “cake”, Huawei at the top of the world’s third shipped. According to the report, according to the third quarter of the global smartphone shipments for 332 million units, rose by 10.5%, […]

Google self-driving next year into independent companies

Internal, according to people familiar with Google self-driving department will be affiliated to the parent company of the Alphabet in 2016 independent companies, but the decision will be announced before commercial self-driving cars service online. At present the project team also owns from vehicles and personnel in the field of computer science, is as full […]

Sony two new machine handsets

From Sony Xperia Z6 or will be launched in May next year, and there will be more models. And now, according to xperiablog website reported that operators t-mobile recently in Poland a conference shows some brand new model will be launched next year plan, including Sony Xperia series have appeared on the two new handsets, […]

Apple’s OS X 10.11.1 Office problems

At the beginning of the OS X El Capitan in stores, there are a lot of users to reflect the new system and the Microsoft Office suite is not compatible, the specific performance is in the process of using Word or Outlook will appear many times the software breakdown phenomenon. Subsequently, the apple by upgrading […]

Samsung A8 models 2016 real machine leak

After 2016 the Samsung Galaxy A8 has appeared in the FCC authentication information, but it seems that with cash and no change on the configuration. And now, the machine is the Japanese version of the SM – A800J appeared in Samsung Japan website, and the Japanese website Blogofmobile also revealed the latest real machine, and […]

Atheer augmented reality glasses: high-end business market

In the case of virtual reality is about to enter the consumer market, augmented reality equipment with a focus on another market: business areas. In addition to the Microsoft HoloLens, Atheer a similar products developed recently, will officially shipping in the first quarter of 2016, prices temporarily undetermined, but is expected to need at least […]

Samsung factory reset protection pattern revealed loopholes

In many other functions in Android 5.0, Google for the Android system brings a whole new anti-theft function “Factory Reset Protection”, this feature allows the stolen smartphones after sale to others quietly wipe out the content on the phone and will not let their own privacy. Theoretically, this function can let the stolen phone another […]