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The first blackberry Android Priv listed

AT&T, said on Monday it will begin from this Friday in its retail stores sell blackberry company latest Android smartphone Priv. And blackberry website will officially shipment from Friday.

Blackberry Priv as blackberry first Android phones, high-end market positioning, in addition to having a 5.4 inch QHD AMOLED display, retained the iconic blackberry qwerty keyboard. The qualcomm snapdragon 808 processor, 32 gb storage, 3 gb of memory, 18000000 megapixel camera.

Blackberry Priv is still the main function, safety and productivity and even the name of the mobile phone Priv comes from the word Privacy, because the blackberry want to emphasize the Privacy of the device performance. Blackberry Priv also speak a pre-installed application, using how much app is able to track the user mobile phone users access to the personal data and location information. Blackberry Priv with blackberry trademark of type of a decline in physical keyboard. Blackberry Priv currently sells for $699 in the United States.

Blackberry CEO John Chen has previously said that if the blackberry phone business is not profitable in a year, will consider abandoning the handset business. The blackberry is one of the company a last-ditch Priv. On Monday, U.S. stocks, blackberry shares rose 2.88%, to $7.5.

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