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The first QC3.0 mobile power bidirectional quick charge

September 14 to September 16, qualcomm in Hong Kong held a summit in 2015 3 g/LTE announced the next generation of Quick Charge technology Quick Charge 3.0, which increase 38% than the previous generation efficiency, speed up to 27%, fever reduced up to 45%, also can protect the battery life, and keep the backward compatibility. […]

Samsung confirm upgrade Android M models

According to foreign media reports slashgear, Samsung has confirmed that will upgrade the Android 6.0 for its latest Galaxy devices, launch time soon models are also upgrade, a total of 10, including mobile phones and tablet. From the perspective model, basic is Samsung’s main in the high-end equipment over the past two years, but the […]

ZUK exposure machine diagram and configuration

New mobile phone brand ZUK will hold a conference on August 11 release ZUK Z1 mobile phone, but before the start of the conference this phone has been exposed. Now the media, ZUK Z1 real machine figure, and the hardware configuration also further exposure. ZUK Z1 will be equipped with a 1080 p screen and […]

Google launched 17 Android Wear dial design

With the popularity of smart devices dressing, each big manufacturer in appearance and practical work, Google has recently launched 17 Android Wear dial design. At this point, the system now has a total of more than 1500 sets of the dial. Added this paragraph 17 dial design is given priority to with entertainment culture elements, […]

Huawei’s fastest growing market in September watches

Planned sale this month, Huawei watch because Google service problem postponed. In response, Huawei’s consumer mobile product line BG He just said, “because Google Android Wear reason, the impact of the watch time to market Huawei in China, now we are still communicating, it is expected the earliest September, around October.” MWC General Assembly this […]

Razer released a mouse pad with light

Information from the accessories, Razer Following the keyboard and mouse, mouse pad also joined the lantern, I believe that many users will want to tremble. Razer recently announced a mouse pad with a light source, called “Firefly” Colorful mouse pad, mouse pad the length and width of approximately 35.5cm and 25.5cm, capable of displaying 16.8 […]

Sony P2 news exposure

Sony Xperia series of new machines recently fired a hot, after another came Xperia Z4 Ultra and Z4 Compact models such as news, recent exposure of the so-called Sony P2 users of design and generally configured to display the aircraft again return to the zona pellucida design, with ultra-narrow frame and using the integrated all-metal […]

LG G4 latest poster unveiled

LG has launched a new generation flagship phone G4 identified in April 28, the current release is a Trailer and a poster. Trailers and posters hardly involve any specifics G4, in addition to a main camera aperture of F / 1.8. Large aperture camera phones are now a lot more emphasis on that will help […]

Experience in Windows10 Build 9926 Spartan

Although we have seen Windows 10 Build 9926 does not carry the desire to replace the IE browser’s Project Spartan, but in fact, now that IE 11 has hidden a Spartan, the experience is also very simple way, with a look at it. Users only need to enter the address bar in Windows 10 9926 […]