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Experience in Windows10 Build 9926 Spartan

Although we have seen Windows 10 Build 9926 does not carry the desire to replace the IE browser’s Project Spartan, but in fact, now that IE 11 has hidden a Spartan, the experience is also very simple way, with a look at it.


Users only need to enter the address bar in Windows 10 9926 IE 11 about: flags and press Enter, you can open the test function page, and the “open Web platform features an experimental” (Enable Experimental Web Platform Features) is to switch the rendering engine. The default is Auto. If you select Enable, will be forced to use the new engine Edge, Disable represents the old engine Trident. IE 11 can also customize the user agent string, disguise themselves as Firefox, Chrome and other browsers.
But now these are the test function, although not perfect, is for developers early adopters. The test page is only effective system Windows 10 9926, IE 11 other systems are not able to access.

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