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Gear S3 smart meters have been support all android machine to use samsung Pay

Samsung Gear S3 is the latest model of Samsung smart watches, has now officially listed in the us and the UK, and as you might expect, Gear Samsung S3 support function of Pay, this is the company’s own mobile payment services, at the same time also supports LTE network, GPS receiver, and the heart rate sensor. Gear S3, however, and will bring more surprises when you meet, this smart watches not only the support on samsung mobile phone use samsung wisdom pay function, can also be compatible with other than samsung android phones, can be used with other brand of android smartphone matching samsung pay function.

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In the past, samsung wisdom pay function belongs to the exclusive service is one of the manufacturers, can only be used on samsung its own brand of android phones, such as the Galaxy S class and Note series mobile phones. , however, the use of the new Gear S3 smart watches, only requires the use of running android 4.4 or higher of smartphones, samsung wisdom pay account will directly through the samsung Gear S3 App application Settings and management.

Although samsung will not released on the android platform samsung wisdom pay an App, but through the use of Gear S3 provide convenient payment service is the company’s a good idea. At present, the company Pay Apple and Google’s android has occupied most of the mobile payment market, at the same time, limit the samsung wisdom Pay can only be used on samsung devices will be a serious impediment to the growth of customer groups, especially recently, has been buying Note 7 users the most has decisive choice other brand mobile phone.

This kind of practice is to attract potential Gear S3 has not yet have a samsung mobile phone users the best method, otherwise the user will not be able to use one of the features of the smart watch function. Starting at about $350, Gear S3 smart watch with S3 Classic and S3 Frontier two versions, interested users can browse our previous reviews, understand the new samsung smart watches all the new features and more details.

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