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Google will develop exclusive function for the Nexus

Buy Google Nexus one of the biggest benefits of smart phones is to be able to experience real native Android system, and also the first indirect received system updates, and other oems minus you quite a long time.

But beyond that, it seems, to buy the Nexus smartphone is no more benefits, and that’s Google want to change the situation. In the Recode Code Conference meeting, Google’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, Google will take new measures, make the Nexus smartphone is more special in the future.

As to how specific implementation, Google said it would gradually add unique new features to the Nexus, and specifically for the Nexus to add their own function and design, and then concrete will Google how to transform the Nexus products, distinguish with other Android smartphones, is unclear.

At present, many manufacturers have started to add a few features for their products, and Google will be how to add new features to the Nexus smartphone, what we have to look at the second half of the action.

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