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Google self-driving next year into independent companies

Internal, according to people familiar with Google self-driving department will be affiliated to the parent company of the Alphabet in 2016 independent companies, but the decision will be announced before commercial self-driving cars service online. At present the project team also owns from vehicles and personnel in the field of computer science, is as full of mystique Google X laboratory subordinate branch of the project, and according to bloomberg news, the team’s next movement is independent.

Like just independence from Alphabet Verily, the self-driving car team will also be similar adjustments, but at present the department’s name is not yet clear, but according to insiders revealed that the team’s ultimate goal is to promote the automation of r&d and commercial drive.

In November, according to the latest report (PDF) shows the Google self-driving family contains a total of 23 units based on lexus lexus RX450h hybrid driverless cars and 30 company independently designed and developed jelly type of car prototype, these vehicles are mostly located in mountain view, California, a few located in Austin, Texas, a week all these vehicles automatic range between 10000 to 15000 miles. Have a few cars had been involved in a minor accident, even from the police.

By putting a self-driving car project into a corporate entity, Google could find more ways to money by driverless cars, a direct challenge to popular a lift Shared services, such as Uber and Lyft.

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