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IBM provided to employees free of charge or price cut version of the Apple Watch

According to foreign media reports, in order to further expand the cooperation with Apple, a few days ago, IBM to its employees in the company’s health insurance program edition Watch Apple launched a free version or at a reduced price. Companies want employees can use Apple Watch fitness function such as tracking, number counting and achieve exercise to help them keep healthy. Actually before this, IBM had a similar project, but when facing the Fitbit’s employees, now also don’t know Apple Watch will coexist and Fitbit or to replace the latter.

It is understood that in order to reduce the medical staff and motivate staff to take part in sports more fees, health insurance companies and the companies jointly launched a similar project like IBM. Fitbit, for example, it has already signed cooperation agreements with many company.

Most of this type of project as early as in prior to the release of Watch have the Apple, but Apple Watch seems to prove that it has higher use value, perhaps in the future there will be other companies also to IBM, choose Apple hand in hand.

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