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The iPhone SE bluetooth phone that fault

IOS 9.3 have exposed problems, after the iPhone SE also joined in, this is a bluetooth telephone failure.

According to a recent period of time the user feedback, the iPhone SE when using bluetooth headset or on-board system call, will appear, including voice distortion, noise, and static problems, bluetooth navigation has the same problem, but the music is not affected.

It is understood that the problem of all the iPhone SE model version, version of the iOS, operators, countries and regions, and on the vehicle model, unable to confirm the problem comes from the hardware or software.

For the problems, try to replace a bluetooth device, cancel the pairing and reset the network, switching network data, replace the SIM card, and even reset phone operation to solve.

In fact, upgrade the iOS 8 iPhone 6 in October , 2014, system, has also had a similar problem, apple released iOS 8.1, and fix the problems in the new system.

Judging from user feedback, apple has confirmed the existence of the problem, customer service also said have engineers in the research the solution to solve the problem, but timing is unknown.

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