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Jabra surveyed 1 heart rate wireless bluetooth headset

Famous brand of bluetooth headset jabra surveyed 1 has just released its first on the IFA real wireless headset Elite Sport, it’s not just a pair of bluetooth headset, also has a built-in health and movement tracking function, can even for heart rate monitor. It is reported, Elite Sport will officially went on sale on October 30th, a price of $249.

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Elite Sport as a wireless headset, can provide the function of all we want. First of all, despite its small size, but it can bring about three hours of continuous playback time, and support the waterproof IP67 rating, this means that we can even bring Elite Sport in 1 meters deep underwater continuous use for 30 minutes. In addition, the Elite Sport also equipped with a sound filter function, even when wearing headphones, also can hear the sound of the useful from the outside world.

With Samsung Gear IconX, Elite Sport the biggest bright spot is built into the health function of tracking, and even a heart rate monitor such unexpected features. Jabra surveyed 1 commitment and Elite Sport monitoring data accuracy can reach more than 90%, although it is not very high, but given as a pair of in-ear headphones, due to different user’s ear canal shape is different, so can achieve 90% already is not easy.

In addition, the Elite Sport also supports real-time voice guidance function, and to detect the heart rate at the same time also can guide the training process to transmit data through the App in the ear, the user can obtain real-time feedback and adjust their movement speed.

Elite Sport in sound itself is very good also, at the same time can also be used to answer the call, and also supports the background noise filtering capabilities. If necessary, users can also through the Elite Sport for smart phones for voice control.

At present, the wireless headset is already very competitive of the market, including samsung even apple began to develop more wireless headphones, and Elite Sport what could be the performance after listing.

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