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Jolla release tablet congregation has raised the standard amount

Nokia threw in the wake of “blockbuster” N1, small factories Jolla also released its new Tablet PC, but this equipment is currently only in the design stage, all the chips in standard ($ 380,000) will officially enter the next post stage, now, the amount has been fully met.

The screen size of 7.85 inches of flat-panel prices will be $ 200, apparently will not have too long to configure at this price; screen resolution of 2048X1536, the core is powered by Intel provides 64 quad-core chips , clocked at 1.8GHz.

屏幕快照 2014-11-19 下午8

OS Jolla tablet used is the open-source system developed Jolla OS 2.0, support for Android applications. The tablet also supports microSD card expansion (Nokia N1 does not support), but the battery capacity is less than 5000mAh, battery life may be a problem.

As a congregation to raise product, the final configuration of the Tablet PC is still uncertain, because the investment is likely to put the advice to make changes, but in view of the cost and price changes should be minimal.

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