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LG will at CES show new WebOS 3.0 intelligent system

As smartphone operating system, WebOS before LG has now been bought in smart TV. , according to media reports, LG will be opened next month CES 2016 formally opened to the exhibition at the consumer electronics show a new version of WebOS version 3.0 system, and carry more of the system of smart TV new products. It is understood that the new WebOS 3.0 system compared with the previous version will be great changes in visual style, and will attempt to add some new features, and in addition to television, for set-top box products is very popular, WebOS 3.0 system will also support.

New WebOS 3.0 system will be mainly added several new features, first of all, the new system can at the same time will screen is divided into two different channels, and display different content. Users can also directly under the condition of the TV to turn it off by LG Music Player control TV speakers. In addition, the new system will also be the first time to join the three “Magic” series of new features, WebOS 3.0 system deeper integration with the hardware.

According to the LG is introduced, the first called Magic Zoom function allows users to the premise of without sacrificing image quality down any part of the big screen. As well as Magic can control set-top box or DVR devices such as Remote function. The Magic Mobile functions have some similarities with apple AirPlay, allows users to smartphone video onto the big screen, smart TV and the new Magic series function became the WebOS 3.0 system the most significant changes.

In addition, LG in the new system updates the navigation channel and channel + recommendation feature, you can through the analysis of the user viewing habits to user Suggestions. Channel at the same time + function can also be mixed into a unified list radio and TV channels, give the user more uniform viewing experience, TV channels and network video services such as Netflix together.

As in previous years, LG to take his new system to Las Vegas show to the world, and further proved in the field of smart TV ambitions. Last week, while LG laid off 20 in silicon valley lab network operating system research and development staff, but the LG said it would not any influence on the WebOS system development progress. Is not clear for The fate of The future WebOS, after cut an insider told The Verge said in an interview, WebOS want to increase The software resources facing many difficulties, and is in a very difficult time.

And in the field of set-top boxes, LG will face more challenges in 2016, after all, at present, the consumer has a lot of options, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast 2.0 established technology giants such as there has been a very good product. While WebOS 3.0 want to stand out, to provide some more striking features.

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