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LG to release the world’s largest surface display

LG at the IFA show in at the end of the week will launch the world’s largest 38 inches surface extra-wide display, the details of this product is also in the recently released ahead of time. At the same time, LG also shows two other 34 inches extra-wide display, including a flat type built-in Google Cast, and another is curved surface model, is also the same type product in the first with 144 hz refresh rate.

3 displays the largest models for 38 uc99, it has a panel of 38 inches, 3840 x1600 resolution (4 k). In addition, the world’s largest surface extra-wide display, it is still in the same type product take the lead in the USB – C interface and built-in bluetooth speakers. Of course, it also reflected their own high-end positioning: 38 uc99 priced at $1499, is scheduled for mid-september.

34 inches uc79g extra-wide display, is a smaller surface price of $599 is a little bit close to some, it is scheduled for November this year. It displays obviously is a game that samsung has just been released 30 inches surface monitor competitors, it has 144 hz refresh rate, also supports AMD FreeSync technology, LG is described it as the ideal choice for gamers.

Finally a 34 um79g is 34 inch flat screen game display, it also adopted the same super wide aspect ratio, and built-in Google Cast. This display is priced at $699, scheduled for October.

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