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Microsoft or 6 inches tablet phone

The company flagship Windows mobile end 950 and the 950 XL has just been released in November last year, even Win 10 official version of push not long now, GeekBench the information in the database and gave us a small surprise: Microsoft may be a carry on R&D Snapdgon 820 chip Win 10 flat phone.


From the above data point of view, the phone will pick up a piece of 6 inch size 2K screen, nature is one of the flagship SoC chip, qualcomm Snapdgon 820, fuselage storage space is no accident of words should be 64 GB, but the odd thing was, only 1.5 GB of memory. Of course, before also had this kind of situation, may be the anomaly test.

Cameras, pre – 12 million + 12 million is adopted in this mysterious new rear collocation, presumably Pureview there will continue to support.

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