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MOTO out three new machines will use 2K screen and Android 5.1 system

According to foreign media reports, there are users exposed details of Motorola’s upcoming three new machines were XT192A, XT1578 and XT1585, and that three new machines will use 2K screen and Android 5.1 system.

He broke the news that Motorola will launch three new machines mainly for the US operator Verizon offer. Wherein, XT192A equipped with Android 5.1 system, the touch screen with a resolution of 1440 × 2368 pixels, while the XT1585 is equipped with an updated version of Android5.1.1 system with 1440 × 2368 pixel resolution touch screen, as XT1578 The same is Android5.1.1 system, touch screen, compared with 1440 × 2368 pixels resolution.

It is worth noting that the exposure of the three models, the tablet should not belong to the category of mobile phones, because XT192A XT1585 and pixel density of 640ppi, it means that these two new machines equipped with 5.0 inches touch around control screen, and Motorola XT1578 offers a 560ppi pixel density, it indicates that the machine touch screen size and Droid turbo closer, or 5.2 inches.

Since Qualcomm has confirmed that Motorola will release for its flagship model with Snapdragon 810 processor, it is expected to disclose the three new machines will be expected to carry this 64 Xiaolong 810 eight-core processor.

Given MOTO X treatment, I do not know these three aspects phone system and the sale of any different.

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