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The first QC3.0 mobile power bidirectional quick charge

September 14 to September 16, qualcomm in Hong Kong held a summit in 2015 3 g/LTE announced the next generation of Quick Charge technology Quick Charge 3.0, which increase 38% than the previous generation efficiency, speed up to 27%, fever reduced up to 45%, also can protect the battery life, and keep the backward compatibility.

Summit, qualcomm QC3.0 partners, one of the first quick charge technology security fast charging technology (shenzhen) co., LTD., to the scene of the customers and the media industry shows the first QC3.0 mobile power supply, the product model for ELECJAR KPOWER8 upgrade, built in section 3 LG 3000 mah high-energy cylindrical batteries, total of 9000 mah capacity, energy 33.75 Wh.

Are the input and output support QC3.0 fast charging technology, joined qualcomm INOV core algorithm. Enter the highest support 9 V 2 a, also compatible with 3.6-6.5 V, 6.5-9 V multi-position dynamic voltage, maximum power 18 w, 3 hours can be full of; Has two USB output interface, respectively up to 9 v 1.7 A, also supports dynamic voltage regulation.

QC3.0, it seems, charger, mobile power supply is ready, just wait QC3.0 phone.

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