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Samsung confirm upgrade Android M models

According to foreign media reports slashgear, Samsung has confirmed that will upgrade the Android 6.0 for its latest Galaxy devices, launch time soon models are also upgrade, a total of 10, including mobile phones and tablet.

From the perspective model, basic is Samsung’s main in the high-end equipment over the past two years, but the Galaxy S5 absence somewhat surprising, after all in the same period the Galaxy Note 4 on the upgrade. Of course, this is just the first list, then there will be more equipment for upgrade.

Samsung is not specific to upgrade time, but by convention, wait until the end of the year at the earliest.

The specific list as follows:
Galaxy Note 5
The Galaxy S6 Edge +
The Galaxy S6 Edge
The Galaxy S6
The Galaxy S6 Duos
Galaxy Note 4
Galaxy Note 4 Duos
The Tab a.
The Galaxy Alpha
Galaxy Note Edge

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