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Samsung factory reset protection pattern revealed loopholes

In many other functions in Android 5.0, Google for the Android system brings a whole new anti-theft function “Factory Reset Protection”, this feature allows the stolen smartphones after sale to others quietly wipe out the content on the phone and will not let their own privacy.

Theoretically, this function can let the stolen phone another Google account cannot be reactivated, but from the point of actual use effect, seems to prevent thieves function doesn’t work well, at least for now on Samsung smartphones and can’t expect too much of a role.

Recently, a man named RootJunky Android developers came up with a new way to bypass the Samsung smart phone factory reset protection function. RootJunky method is to use a defect in the Samsung device, when the device by USB storage mode are inserted into the PC, and other devices, it will automatically start the file manager.
In the file manager of Samsung, users can directly see all kinds of Android system files, and officially by using this way in RootJunky OTG USB drive loaded the APK file, and then open the APK automatically enabled file manager. And this application will be automatically Reset and directly around the factory reset protectionfunction.

We can see from the video below RootJunky is how to use only a few miutes to bypass the Samsung smartphone factory reset protection function.

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