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Sony two new machine handsets

From Sony Xperia Z6 or will be launched in May next year, and there will be more models. And now, according to xperiablog website reported that operators t-mobile recently in Poland a conference shows some brand new model will be launched next year plan, including Sony Xperia series have appeared on the two new handsets, and is expected to debut in the second quarter of next year, from the time seemed to confirm Xperia Z6 series is likely to launch in May next year.


From the xperiablog exposure site pictures PPT presentation, t-mobile in Poland in the first quarter next year there will be a Samsung, Microsoft and HTC several new handsets. Among them, the HTC besides HTC One A9 is sell like hot cakes, will also introduce HTC One series new; Microsoft will launch the company new series. As for samsung will look to have four of the Galaxy series models, are expected to be the Galaxy S7 series as well as the new Galaxy A series.

It is worth mentioning that, according to sources had previously revealed that Sony will launch Xperia Z6 series a total of seven new handsets, involved a total of two fields: the smart phones and tablets, will include Xperia Z6 Mini; Xperia Z6 Compact; Xperia Z6. Xperia Z6 Plus; Xperia Z6 Ultra five smartphones, and Xperia Z6 Tablet Compact and Xperia Z6 Tablet two tablets.

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