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Windows 10 will be in June this year to join more new features

Has been upgraded Windows 10 friends what is concerned about the next major update for Windows may, according to Microsoft’s plan, code-named Redstone updates will be after the last Windows 10 big upgrade again. But let a person some scratching their heads, Redstone updates and in view of the old Windows 10 Mobile device, is expected to push time seems to have been changed.

Windows 10将于今年6月加入更多新特性

Reports have suggested that Redstone in December last year will be divided into two push, push for the first time for in February this year, but has come in March, users did not wait until the Redstone. For the first time, and it’s the latest news, Redstone push will come in June this year, and perhaps a second update to wait until the autumn or even the next spring.

As for Windows 10.1’s is believed to bring which to improve, more powerful Cortana voice assistant should be expected, and there is potential for desktop gadgets regression. At the same time, as a desktop version of Windows, the Xbox One and smartphone platform more unified strategy, an important part of Microsoft is likely to be more emphasis on “unity” in Redstone properties, such as Windows Store more general application in the shop and Xbox Live games business integration in the depth of the other platforms.

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