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Huawei Watch 2 will use ink screen

In the next generation of Huawei Watch, HUAWEI will use less electricity e-ink screens, to enhance the smart Watch battery life. Replacement for the electronic ink screen is only one of the many changes Huawei Watch 2, the source pointed out. In function and design, Huawei Watch 2 will be more biased in the field […]

Nixon android smart watches listed on sale

Last month, the United States watch brands Nixon announced an Android Wear smart watches: Mission. At present the product has been in a number of online retail site formal sale, sells for $400, with a black, grey, bright orange 3 colors are optional. Mission with polycarbonate case, 400 * 400 resolution 1.39 -inch color touch […]

The iPhone 7 revealed new defects

All previous dynasties iPhone often reported many defects after launch, and the iPhone 7 is no exception. The iPhone 7 after turning off the flight mode without service problems. According to the website MacRumors reports, apple is investigating the defects in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and gives the specific solutions. Typically, the […]

Sony releasing IFA2016 invitation letter

After Sony mobile has determined to IFA2016 the day before, during and after the exhibition was held on September 1, product launches, there is likely to launch a new smartphones. Now, Sony officials from formal admission, announced on September 1, afternoon 13:00, held in Berlin, Germany conference launched including smart phones, TV, VR devices, iOT, […]

Smart phones can charge the battery by using radio

Speaking of wireless charging, the first thing we think of might is special pad for mobile phones. But technology companies Radient Micro – Tech said recently that their technology to keep the cell phone from useless of radio waves to obtain energy for charging. Reported that the Radient Micro – Tech recently received two related […]

Samsung has new patents

Samsung recently applied for a new patent, the patent describes a make a new method of digital camera to capture more bright-coloured color. Now the most common way is to close the sensor on the optical low pass filter, and the practice of the patent used to increase the sensor is to help enhance the […]

The GTX 1060 parameters of exposure

Although want to wait until July 7 to the official launch, but today we already know the GTX 1060 specific configuration. According to the latest leaked VideoCardz slide show, nvidia GTX 1060 will have 1280 stream processors, with 16 nm FinFeT processing craft, 80 liberal arts units, with a width of 192 bits 6 GDDR5 […]

IPhone 7 cancel the headphone jack

As early as last year’s widespread iPhone 7 will cancel the 3.5 mm headphone jack. And according to the latest foreign media reports, the iPhone to cancel the 3.5 mm headphone jack was further confirmed. Mac Otakara according to foreign media reports, apple is secretly building a new EarPods wireless headset, the new EarPods wireless […]

The world’s first modular smart watch ship Blocks

In the case of modular gradually become mobile phone design trends, other digital gadgets are also beginning to try new forms of design. In fact, from the Kickstarter the Blocks of the raised platform smart watches, had appeared as early as 2013, has now entered the stage of delivery. So, the modular smart watches what […]